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John Kennedy,

Software Engineer

How it Works

  1. Create a CV Template - a blueprint for how you would like your CVs to be created.
  2. Create a Job Application Profile to describe how automatic job applications should be performed.
  3. Apply for jobs automatically or generate bespoke CVs to match any job description with a few clicks of a button.

Intro Video

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YJAM Pro Service

How to Install YJAM

Click here for a quick guide on how to install YJAM on your mobile device or computer.

Strengthen your CV

Simple and elegant design

With our intuitive and robust CV builder, creating a clean and elegant CV is easy.

Tips and advice

Automatically receive tips and advice while creating your CV.

Remove unnecessary clutter

Our CV builder allows you control when to include content so you can display the most relevant details and avoid clutter.

Increased Interviews

Impress your next employer with a striking and distinctive CV regardless of your experience. Score interviews and land your dream job.

Automatically generating targeted CVs

Stand out from the crowd by using automatically created CVs that are targeted to each job specification. We do this by highlighting the relevant skills.

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